classic rallies & driving adventures

We have been running classic car rallies since 1999 in some of the most exciting locations on the planet. We have run classic rallies spanning 43 countries, and are always on the look out for the next great drive. Our rallies are first and foremost about enjoying great driving in the company of good friends. Often challenging but immensely rewarding.

Upcoming Rallies

South Africa 2019
Cape Town to Durban / NOV 2019
South Africa, Lesotho, & Swaziland

Join us on a 4 week adventure across South Africa. Exquisite hotels, food, wine, and driving. Starting in the Cape we work our way eastwards through Franschoek, Bloemfontein, the mountains of Lesotho, KwaZulu Natal, the Kruger Park, Swaziland…


Verona Firenze 2020
The Dolomites, Lake Como, Tuscany, Corsica, Sardinia, The Amalfi Coast / MAY-JUNE 2020

Starting in Verona, heading north into the Dolomites, meandering across to Lake Como, down into Tuscany via Cinque Terre for two nights at a luxurious castle retreat. Across to the coast, ferry to Corsica, on down to Sardinia, rest day to visit the beaches south of Cala Gonone, ferry to Napoli and a two night stay on the Amalfi Coast, rounding off with the final three days at incredible properties as we head north up to Firenze to finish.


London Sydney 2020
UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, & Australia / AUG-OCT 2020

I am honoured that ROARR has been asked to organise and run London Sydney 2020. The journey of a lifetime – London to Sydney sits in motoring folklore as an iconic adventure. A 65 day drive across Europe, skirting the Aral Sea, across the mountains of Kyrgyzstan and into Xinjiang province of China. After more than 2 weeks crossing China we reach Luang Prabang in Laos and meander down to Singapore where we charter a B747 to take our cars across to Perth.


London Sydney 2021
UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, & Australia / AUG-OCT 2021

The longest rally in the world. First run in 1968, it has only been done a handful of times since. We are very fortunate to have a few of the original competitors working with us, providing original route notes and maps. A lot changes in 50 years but where possible and practical we incorporate sections of the original route. The 2020 running filled immediately and with that event now several times over-subscribed we are opening up a 2021 second running.


Classic Caucasia 2022
Tbilisi to Tbilisi / SEPT 2022
Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Dagestan, & Chechnya

A mysterious and little-visited parcel of mountainous land nestled between the Black Sea and the Caspian, bordered to the north by Russia and to the south by Iran – the Caucasus are incredibly beautiful, culturally rich, and offer spectacular driving. No other event covers this region as comprehensively as “Classic Caucasia” – offering 16 adventurous crews the opportunity to explore Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and the highlands of Dagestan and Chechnya.


Why Go With Us?


  • We have been successfully running classic rallies since 1999. Over the years we have covered 43 countries and developed a reputation for creating quality, well-researched and unique events.
  • Our rallies are fully supported by our experienced classic rally mechanics who will endeavour to keep you motoring on to the finish line. Limiting the number of entrants to our events means our mechanics can spend longer with your car should it require their attention.
  • We are committed to keeping the number of entrants to an absolute minimum. This means small, intimate rallies with a greater sense of camaraderie. This allows us to provide a more personal experience and a higher level of service.
  • We invest considerable time on route surveys scouting out the very best driving roads to be had. Where possible we always opt for quiet little back-roads instead of highways.
  • We provide SPOT satellite trackers to all participants. These little devices automatically transmit to the support crew and enable us to monitor the real-time location of all participants – invaluable in the event of an incident or break-down.
  • In addition to being provided a comprehensive tulip route book, we provide you an Ipad loaded with our unique mapping software which can be used in tandem with the tulips for seamless navigation. 


An afternoon with the MG & Alfa

Past Rallies

Classic India
Delhi to Delhi / 2013

Fifteen cars flagged off from the glorious Imperial hotel in Delhi and spent thirty days exploring the magnificent forts, palaces and landscape of Rajasthan and Gujurat.

Buenos Aires to Santiago / 2010
Argentina & Chile

9000 km of adventure via the beautiful island of Tierra del Fuego and the most southerly city in the world – Ushuaia. The rally drove Argentina’s most iconic road, the Ruta Cuarenta

Alpaca Rally
Cartagena to Lima / 2016
Colombia, Ecuador & Peru

9 cars took part in this epic motoring adventure, covering over 8000km from the Colombian rainforest down to the windswept Peruvian highlands and their formidable 4000m+ passes.


“We had a terrific time. Probably the most enjoyable and sociable rally ever. A well thought-out route, a small group of very pleasant people, the camping was a highlight and fostered development of real and, we hope, lasting friendships…You and your team are to be congratulated for a superb event!”
Bibbi & Noel Stebbings
(Great Arc of India 2009)


“Penny and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves on the Venice to Monaco. Your route was inspired and some of the roads were truly spectacular and with first class hotels at the end of each day, we couldn’t have asked for more. Well done.”
Geoff & Penny Rawlings
(Venice – Monaco 2017)


“It has to be said that the route we followed was absolutely spectacular, a challenge for both the driver and the car. The navigator required a degree of imagination and large doses of fortitude with the GPS. We enjoyed the company of a great group of interesting people with a fantastic sense of humour and camaraderie. Our Christmas car list has grown incrementally.”
Ian & Ros Johnstone
(Himalaya Rally 2006)


“What a fabulous way to see so many countries. We were incredibly impressed with the organisation.The route was stunning and in some places very thought provoking. We stayed in such a variety of hotels. In Cambodia we even had our own butler! A truly memorable rally in which we made some lasting friendships. Roll on the next one!”
Roy & Margaret Hatfield
(Tiger Rally 2008)


“Thank you for a very enjoyable tour of Morocco. Your detailed route book was excellent, and the Ipad after initial doubts was invaluable. Such a pleasure to be directed properly especially the last few miles to the hotels!”
John & Jean Noble
(Atlas Rally 2018)

“The 2018 Atlas Rally was our first event with ROARR. Brilliantly organised by Adrian. Likeminded enthusiasts and the best and easiest navigation system in the classic rallying world. Their combination of unique Ipad mapping software and tulips so far ahead of other navigation systems it is not funny.”
Rob Garnsworthy
(Atlas Rally 2018)


“Well, what I can tell you? Popping down the road for milk or for Sunday lunch is hardly going to cut it, not after the mountains of Laos, the coasts of Vietnam or the ruins of Cambodia….”
Paul & Mary Kane
(Tiger Rally 2008)


“Fantastic and a great adventure. The route was always interesting and at times breathtakingly beautiful. The mechanical support was the best we have encountered on any of our classic road trips.”
Rob & Carole Brown
(Venice – Monaco 2017)


“Over the years, I have competed in many rallies around all parts of the world, the largest probably being the Peking to Paris in 1997. I was very impressed at the level of assistance given to the participants of the Himalaya rally, something I am quite unused to with other organisers. The route was spectacular and the places of interest prolific.”
Bill Ainscough
(Himalaya Rally 2006)

“This is the third rally we have done with ROARR and they get better and better. Because of their scale and the organisers’ attention to detail they can go to places that no other rally can reach: a unique and exceptional combination of fabulous hidden-away roads; outstanding boutique hotels; a perfect pace; and very well thought through practicalities. They are superb value for money too. Many thanks for a superb rally, we thoroughly enjoyed it and already look forward to next summer’s event.”
Phil Garratt & Kieron Brown
(Atlas Rally 2018)


““The Great Arc was a dream of a drive. I cannot imagine any other way of experiencing the sheer breadth of territory that we covered, seeing the Indian countryside by day and bedding down in heritage palaces at night. From the chill of the hill stations in Kerala, to the baking hot plains of Tamil Nadu and beyond, the Great Arc was a memorable distillation of the essence of India.”
Dina Bennett & Bernard Gateau
(Great Arc of India 2009)


“Adrian, I wanted to write to tell you how much we enjoyed your rally. The route was spectacular, the route book a work of art, and we enjoyed your choices of hotels with a difference. You also did a splendid job in recovering from the ferry cancellation. Tim and Sebastien [the mechanics] were great.”
Chris & Nicky Thom
(Venice – Monaco 2017)