Wadis of Oman
7 spots of utter paradise – After a pleasant and gentle 40 minute walk up a river valley and along Omani irrigation canals called ‘Aflaj’, you reach a point 

Bentleys & Biryanis
Crash! I hit the pothole so hard it had sheared the two 3/8th bolts securing the bracket of my off-side headlight. It came crashing down against the radiator grill.

Medellin, Colombia
Reinventing the world’s most dangerous city – 20 years ago, one just did not venture anywhere remotely near Medellin. Murder capital of the world, stronghold of the most notorious drug empire

Daring the Darien
You may have wondered if it was possible to drive from North America to South America. The answer is: yes, but there’s a caveat…a large one

Colombia to Peru
We’ve already waxed lyrical about all the great drives on the rally. Now here’s some of what you’ll see en route. We’ll let the pictures do the talking on this one

Best Driving in S.Am
Day 26 & 27. Nazca to Cusco. We split this drive into 2 stages, stopping overnight in Tampumayu. 14 hours is a hefty endeavour in one slog. And this road is hard work

Desert Rescue
Friday 13th I drove across the dunes to the centre of the Wahiba 70km into absolute wilderness and camped the night. My plan had been to complete a traverse of the desert.

Pristine Paracas
It’s hard to convey the allure of the Paracas Reserve through writing, but this is a very special place. Our hotel sits right at the entrance to the reserve, designated

50% chance of death
Driving Afghanistan – while recceing central Asia for the 2011 Great Game classic rally we had the mad idea of crossing the north of Afghanistan. Putting some feelers out, we received a


Driving Nirvana – Peru
Yesterday I was lucky enough to stumble upon the most spectacular drive I’ve ever done in my life. You know that feeling when the sun is shining, you have nothing but the open road ahead of you

Siberian Adventures
The 21.35 Train War and Peace, 1200 pages, should be wordy enough for 7 days inside a train.  How wrong. I read less than 100 pages


The Magangue Disaster
Great news! I made it onto the ferry out of Magangue for my second attempt to reach the beautiful old city of Mompos. Well, I made it onto the ferry, but that’s about it


Trampolin de la Muerte
Having just survived the Trampolin de la Muerte (trampoline of death) road between Pasto and Mocoa, I felt you were due an update on the progress of


Escobar Country
Falling asleep yesterday to the sound of the river roaring 30 metres down below was amazing, my room open to the elements; there is no door to

Midnight in Bhopal
I have seen many sad sights; many of the starving, many of the beggars, many of the cripples and many of the discriminated on the many streets

A day in Delhi
Seven o’clock in the morning and I stood outside the hotel watching India wake up. Roaring traffic and hooting horns and shouting vendors, even at this hour. It was warm but not yet humid.

 The road to Celendin
I have been lucky enough to stumble upon some of the most mind-bogglingly fantastic roads in the world during The Alpaca Rally recce. This is one that stuck in my mind, the mountain route to Chachapoyas


Port of Cartagena
And she’s gone! It was a sad goodbye after all that we’ve shared together but I’m glad we both return relatively unscathed after 12,000km. What a dream – Colombia are so on it. Efficient and organised

 Cañón del Pato
Day 21. We take on the road of a thousand tunnels en route from Trujillo to Huaraz high up in the Cordillera Blanca. Mostly unpaved, graded tracks. As you can see, there is only ever space for 1 car