Classic Caucasia 2022

The Rally

A mysterious and little-visited parcel of mountainous land nestled between the Black Sea and the Caspian, bordered to the north by Russia and to the south by Iran – the Caucasus are incredibly beautiful, culturally rich, and offer spectacular driving. No other event covers this region as comprehensively as “Classic Caucasia” – offering adventurous crews the opportunity to explore Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and the highlands of Dagestan and Chechnya. 

Civilisations, religions, and cultures have been jostling for position here for thousands of years. A region which was at one time incorporated into the Persian, Arabian, Mongol, Ottoman, Russian and Soviet empires. The meeting point of Europe and Asia, of Islam and Christianity. 

As always we have developed a route that covers the very best driving to be had, a route that is both spectacular and challenging, and which covers the most important points of interest and sites of historical and cultural significance.

Starting in Tbilisi (Georgia) the route heads east through the mountains to the Caspian Sea and Baku (Azerbaijan), continues north into the Russian republics of Dagestan and Chechnya spending 4 wonderful days exploring the mountains. We then return to Georgia via the Kazbegi NP, west to the foothills surrounding Mt. Elbrus, to the Black Sea and into Armenia. 

We cover the length of Armenia (twice), visiting Yerevan, and taking you as far south as Meghri where you reach the Aras River, the southern bank of which is Iranian territory. Returning north we visit the iconic Tatev Monastery before returning to Tbilisi.


1. Maxwell Stephenson (AUS) & Julie Stephenson (AUS)
1923 Vauxhall

London to Sydney 2020

2. Michael Velasco (GB) & Maria Jose Garcia (ES)
1935 Derby Bentley

New Participants

3. Anatoli Strelzow (CA) & Lee-Ann Strelzow (CA)
1936 Derby Bentley

New Participants

4. Dirk De Groen (NL) & Alexandra de Groen (US)
1958 Mercedes Benz 219

New Participants

5. David Harrison (GB) & Julie Harrison (GB)
1958 Porsche 356a

Dubrovnik Athens 2018, South Africa 2019

6. Daniel Spadini (CH) & Xavier Beaumartin (FR)
1959 Jaguar MkI

New Participants

7. Bruce Severns (AUS) & Elizabeth Flynn (AUS)
1965 Mustang

London to Sydney 2020

8. Andy Twort (GB) & Claudine Bloom (GB)
1965 Volvo Amazon

London to Sydney 2021

9. Barry Weir (GB) & Roma Weir (GB)
1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTV

Tiger Rally 2008, Classic India 2013

10. Rudolf Hug (CH) & TBD
1966 Gaz-69

New Participants

11. Paul Kane (GB) & Mary Kane (GB)
1966 Mustang GT350

1st Jewel of India 1999, Himalaya Rally 2006, Tiger Rally 2008, Patagonia 2010, Great Arc of India 2011, Classic India 2013, Shangri-La 2014, Alpaca 2016, Venice-Monaco 2017, Atlas Rally 2018, Dubrovnik-Athens 2018, Pamir Highway 2019, South Africa 2019, London to Sydney 2020

12. Peter Cotes (GB) & Allison Cotes (GB)
1967 Lotus Elan

Himalaya Rally 2007, Tiger Rally 2008, Patagonia 2010, Shangri-La 2014, Classic Persia 2016, Atlas Rally 2018, Pamir Highway 2019

13. Roy Stephenson (GB) & Rachel Stephenson (GB)
1969 Ford Mustang Fastback

New Participants

14. John Todd (GB) & Elly Todd (NL)
1969 Mercedes 280SL

New Participants

15. Phil Garratt (GB) & Kieron Brown (GB)
1970 Jaguar E-Type

Classic Persia 2016, Venice Monaco 2017, Atlas Rally 2018, Pamir Highway 2019

16. Peter St George (AUS) & Elizabeth St George (AUS)
1978 Mercedes Benz 450 SLC

London to Sydney 2020

17. Mark Ennis (GB) & Maureen Ennis (GB)

Venice Monaco 2017

18. John Whitelock (GB) & Nicole Whitelock (GB)

New Participants

19. Dominique Bernaz (FR) & Martine Bernaz (CH)

New Participants


Pace & Rest Days:

This event is 4,000km with 16 driving days and 5 non-driving days. The general pace is around 6-7 hours driving per day with a maximum of 5 consecutive driving days. The route is designed such that you can choose quicker/shorter sections on a particular day if for example you had mechanical issues. Each day has either an organised lunch stop or at the very least a recommended lunch stop. The idea is to bring the rally together at points throughout the day while still giving you the freedom to drive and explore at your own pace. 


Vehicle Shipping:

The entry fee for Classic Caucasia 2022 is inclusive of return vehicle shipping London-Tbilisi-London. Cars will be containerised in London, shipped via the Mediterranean and Black Sea to Batumi (Georgia), where the containers will then be trucked to our appointed warehouse in Tbilisi and unloaded. The same routing in reverse for the journey home. If you wish to arrange shipping from/to any location other than London please contact us to discuss your requirements.



  • Return vehicle shipping London-Tbilisi-London.
  • Professional classic rally mechanics & support vehicles.
  • Rally paramedic and local English-speaking guide(s).
  • An extensive route survey.
  • A rally route that ties together sites of prolific interest with excellent driving on scenic roads.
  • 21 nights’ accommodation on double/twin sharing basis.
  • Dinner on most days. 
  • Drinks & socials every second day.
  • Airport Transfers in Tbilisi.
  • 2 tulip road books.
  • Rally plates & vinyls.
  • Ipad/GPS for navigation to be used in conjunction with the road book.
  • SPOT satellite tracking device.
  • Local SIM cards.
  • Paper maps.
  • Border crossing assistance.


Vehicle Preparation:

We will accept vintage and pre-1980’s classics. This event does not necessarily require a “rally-prepared” car. With that said you will be aware that we offer route variations for most sections. Entering a rally-prepared car will mean you have the freedom and confidence to tackle some of the more challenging sections without your car disintegrating. Basic preparations which you may wish to consider: upgraded suspension, raised ride height, underside protection.

Upon request we will happily provide you with our “Vehicle & Spares Preparation” guide. A wired in tripmeter, while good to have, is not mandatory. A GPS-based tripmeter from a secondary smartphone/tablet is better. The majority of this rally is on sealed roads, although the quality of the road surfacing varies widely.



This event is now over-subscribed and we have opened a waiting list. To request further information please complete the form below. If you have not rallied with us before please include in your message an outline of your previous rallying experience.