Ambassador: Harrison

David & Julie Harrison

“ROARR events tend to be smaller in car numbers than those of other organisers. We like this because you get to stay in some amazing places which just could not accommodate large events with 30+ cars. You also genuinely get to know each of your fellow participants over the course of the events in a way that you simply can’t on larger events.”

We got talked into entering a rally in South East Asia. We were assured we would be looked after and taught how to rally as we went along. This was in 2012. It was a life changing adventure. We loved every second of it and have carried on exploring the world from our rally cars ever since. What a fantastic way to see the world!

We are lucky enough to have two cars we rally. Our hardcore rally car is ‘Molly’, a RHD 1958 Porsche 356A. Molly was built over a 3-year period to compete in the 2007 Peking to Paris rally. She is the oldest Porsche to have competed and finished this rally. She has now done 60,000+ rally kilometres and has won numerous class events, and has been displayed at Goodwood. She has finished every stage of every event and only needed mechanical assistance once, and that was on our 1st event.

Our other rally car is ‘Charley’, a RHD Jaguar XK120 FHC which was purchased to compete in the 2016 Trans America rally. Charley had been completely rebuilt to a very high standard to perform well on long-distance events.

Adrian demonstrates a passion for ‘getting it right’ and looking after participants on ROARR events. Their road books and navigation aids are excellent, as is the route setting and mechanical support. When looking for future events to participate in, location is king. It is not a price-driven decision, though ROARR always represents excellent value for money and takes us to interesting places which we may otherwise not have visited. We are currently entered to ROARR’s 2021 rally up into the Arctic Circle as well as their 2022 rally cross Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.

If you are considering entering an event with ROARR and would like to speak with us please feel free to write to: