London Sydney 2021


The longest rally in the world – London to Sydney sits in motoring folklore as an iconic adventure. First run in 1968, it has only been done a handful of times since. We are very fortunate to have a few of the original competitors working with us, providing original route notes and maps. A lot changes in 50 years but where possible and practical we incorporate sections of the original route.

The 2020 running filled immediately and with that event now several times over-subscribed we are opening up a 2021 second running. This is going to be run along the same principal of “cost-plus”. The greater the number of participants, the lower the cost per car. Entries will be capped at 16 cars. A number which reflects the physical limitations of the Boeing 747 freighter taking our cars from Singapore to Perth. Stepping up to an Antonov 124 only really makes sense at around 25+ cars at which point the event becomes a bit of a sprawl and less intimate.

I have organised rallies all over the world, including much of the route proposed for London to Sydney. I met Rob Garnsworthy on an event I organised in Morocco earlier this year. Rob clearly thought I put on a decent show and wrote to me afterwards asking had I thought about running London to Sydney. Well, that email planted a seed. A seed which, over the course of many weeks and countless emails and phone calls, has now grown into a sapling. And here we are a few months later announcing a second running.

If I haven’t met you yet you may well ask “who is ROARR?”, “who is Adrian Epps?”. Our testimonials and entry lists are all published online. The classic rallying world is a small one and you are bound to see names that you recognise and can approach for an unbiased opinion.


Key facts: 

  • London to Sydney via Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, China, Singapore.
  • 65 day non-competitive rally across half the world – August/October 2021.
  • 23,603km across 18 countries.
  • Singapore to Perth air lift for vehicles.
  • Staying in only the best available hotels.
  • Pre-1980’s classics. Minimum 10 cars, maximum 16 cars.
  • Being run on a “cost plus” basis.


If you are interested in participating kindly submit the enquiry form at the bottom of this page including details of your previous rallying experience. I greatly look forward to hearing from you,

Adrian Epps
~ Rally Organiser



To register your interest or to request further information please complete the form below. If you have not rallied with us before please include in your message an outline of your previous rallying experience.