Oman Off-Road





“Few places in the world have the power to so profoundly captivate one’s soul. Fascinating, beautiful, at once unforgettable. Welcome to Oman. Welcome to paradise on earth.”

We have knitted together the best of Oman’s off-road trails and locations, and selected some preposterously luxurious places to stay along the way. Just cruising from hotel to hotel would be a travesty, so there’s 5 nights of wild camping, giving you the proper Oman experience. Ladakh tour veterans discard images of the Sarchu base camp – instead think bedsheets, proper pillows, and lantern lit dinners.

We will be driving across mountains, through canyons, fording rivers, crossing deserts, visiting ancient Omani villages, meandering through wadis, swimming in oases, sailing up to Musandam on the fastest passenger ferry in the world, sunset cruising on an Arabian dhow, and just generally having a ball!

This tour is about enjoying the great outdoors at it’s very best. Go on and do something a little different, something your friends won’t have done. Like with most things in life, a lot of people will claim to have “done Oman”, but they certainly won’t have experienced the Oman we’re going to show you. Oman is quite simply a sensational place, landscapes quite unlike anything else on the planet. 

~ Conrad
Rally Director



1 Richard Duxbury (UK) / Victoria Milne-Taylor (UK)
2 Bernard Gateau (FR) / Dina Bennett (USA)
3 Michael Haentjes (DE) / Marlo Scheder-Bieschin (DE)
4 Christian Spleiss (CH) / Liudmila Rohava (BY)
5 Willem Blijdenstein (NL) / Piet Koeleman (NL)
6 Nils Knueppel (DE)
7 Lady Denise Farley (UK)


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After a pleasant and gentle 40 minute walk up a river valley and along Omani irrigation canals called ‘Aflaj’, you reach a point where you can walk no longer, and you have to get wet.

Rescued by a bee farmer. Friday 13th I drove across the dunes to the centre of the Wahiba 70km into absolute wilderness and camped the night. My plan had been

A world apart from my last water-borne adventures. Those of you who followed my travails through Colombia last year will have read about the unfortunated been