Perth Sydney 2021

Perth to Sydney

20 day rally across Southern Australia
20th October to 8th November 2021

The Rally

We have had a very strong interest in the running of Perth to Sydney Oct-Nov 2021. Everyone, it seems, is keen to get out and about and Australia is one of very few countries where we have a realistic chance to run an event in 2021. We are in talks with the Endurance Rally Club of Australia, several members of which have already put their names forward for this event.

The vast majority of the route has already been surveyed as part of the now deferred 2021 London to Sydney Rally. All accommodation has been identified, electronic maps compiled – it is a great route and most of the hard work is behind us.

In creating the route for the London to Sydney we set a limit of 70 days to complete the 21,000km journey across the world and achieving this inevitably meant sacrifices along the way in terms of destinations and routing. That is to say that with Perth to Sydney this time constraint can be relaxed somewhat and will run the event over 20 days. This enables us to incorporate additional sections, especially in the Flinders Ranges, which we previously had to strip out.

Over the course of the 20-day event there will be 3 rest days, including a 2-night stay in Melbourne to coincide with the Melbourne Cup.

Expressions of Interest

Given where we are with the ever-evolving Coronavirus saga and Government policies/restrictions changing tack on a daily basis, we are not asking for a financial commitment at this stage. Simply get in touch and register your interest, without obligation. This will enable us to gauge numbers and continue development of the event.

We regularly review Covid-19 travel restrictions and will write to all on 1st February 2021 at which point we will either request a deposit from you or advise that we are postponing the event.

1. Rob Garnsworthy (AUS) & John Teasdale (AUS)

2. Paul Kirkham (AUS) & Mariella Kirkham (AUS)

3. Peter St George (AUS) & Elizabeth St George (AUS)

4. Blair Healy (AUS) & Mary Healy (AUS)

5. Paul Kane (GB) & Mary Kane (GB)

6. Gunther Schmidt-Lindner (AUS) & Jill Schmidt-Lindner (AUS)

7. David Cohen (AUS) & Adele Cohen (AUS)

8. Michael Wilkinson (AUS) & Anne Wilkinson (AUS)

9. Denis McFadden (AUS) & Tom McGann (AUS)

10. Tony Sinclair (GB) & Karen Sinclair (GB)

11. Jack Crabtree (USA) & Mary Crabtree (USA)

12. Bruce Severns (AUS) & Robert Calnon (AUS)

13. Alastair Caldwell (GB) & Rachel Christodoulou (GB)

14. Andrew Twort (GB) & Claudine Bloom (GB)

15. Paul Merryweather (GB) & Sandra Merryweather (GB)

16. Hayden Burvill (AUS) & Steven Harris (USA)

17. Mark Westbrook (AUS) & Susan Mcdonald (AUS)

18. Harry Hickling (AUS) & Cathy Hickling (AUS)

19. Barry Shelton (AUS) & Marti Shelton (AUS)

20. Bill Gill (AUS) & Kathy Gill (AUS)

21. Gary Smith (NZ) & TBC

22. Hans Middelberg (USA) & TBC

23. Rhys Timms (AUS) & TBC

24. David Ogg (AUS) & TBC

25. Brian Shields (USA) & TBC


To request further information and to participate, please complete the form below. If you have not rallied with us before please include in your message an outline of your previous rallying experience.