Road to Bali

 Sumatra, Java & Bali   /   Pre-75 Classic Rally   /   September 2018


Key Dates

Tuesday 10th July 2018 – we can receive your car in Rainham, Essex on this date. Please email us for the precise location. Transportation from your property/workshop to Rainham can be arranged upon request.

Sunday 26th August 2018 – First night of the rally at Marriott, Medan. If you have informed us of your flights then a representative will be waiting for you on arrival to take you to the hotel. Please ensure you arrive in time for the rally briefing which will take place at the hotel at 5.00-6.00pm, after which we will host the welcome dinner.

Monday 27th August 2018 – Receive cars from Belawan Port in the morning. This evening will again be spent at the Marriott, Medan.

Monday 24th September 2018 – Final night of the rally at Viceroy Hotel, Bali. The closing dinner party will be held this evening.

Tuesday 25th September 2018 – You are free to depart at your leisure, unless of course you have chosen to stay longer in Bali. Please ensure your car keys are handed over to us and your car prepared for transportation to the port which will commence at the Viceroy Hotel, Bali at 10.00am. You are not required to be present for this, all paperwork will be taken care of on your behalf.

Monday 5th November 2018 – Your car will be available for collection from rainham, Essex on this date. Onward transportation can be arranged upon request.

Join us on a drive across the magical islands of Sumatra & Java, finishing on the paradise that is Bali. 30 days of adventurous driving and exquisite hotels in the company of like-minded classic car enthusiasts. Limited places available.

Conrad and I have long talked of creating an event in Indonesia and we are very excited to finally announce ‘The Road to Bali’. Volcanoes, tropical rainforests, beaches, temples, wildlife, great hotels and food…in six months you would just about scratch the surface of Indonesia. Driving your car is absolutely the best way to experience it. Fly in to Singapore and it is a short hop across to Medan in Sumatra where your cars will await.

Our first stop is to visit the orangutans in the Bukit Lawang jungles before proceeding to Berastagi and Samosir on Lake Toba. Heading south through the Harau Valley we cross over to the island of Java passing Krakatoa en route. The national reserve of Ujung Kulon is bewilderingly beautiful. We decided not to route the rally through Jakarta, instead following the volcano-studded spine of Java across to Borobodir, Yogyakarta and Mount Bromo through eastern Java and across to Bali. Bali of course needs no introduction. The rally includes 2 nights at the legendary Viceroy hotel.

We take care of all the shipping, customs and paperwork and provide support to you throughout the event. As with previous events, this isn’t just about the driving. We arrange visits to sites of interest and ensure that daily distances allow for a sufficiently relaxed pace. To be sure, this isn’t a walk in the park. The rally route is a touch over 5000km and includes a fair degree of dirt/gravel.

I do hope this drive is of interest to you.

See you in Sumatra if not before!

~ Adrian Epps
Rally Organiser


  • WHEN: September 2018 (30 days)
  • TRANSPORT: We ship your vehicle to Sumatra and back from Bali. We can collect from and deliver to anywhere globally. If required we can arrange comprehensive marine insurance.
  • PARTICIPANTS: This is a classic rally for pre-1975’s. Limited places available.
  • THE ROUTE: Daily driving times vary from 1 to 7 hours, with an average of 5 hours. 5000km. 97% paved.
  • COMPETITION: Light-hearted competition en route designed to foster camaraderie among participants with generous prizes awarded. ‘Balinese Treasure’ to be found! This is not a regularity rally and there are no time-trials.


  • WE PROVIDE: An extensive route survey; A rally route that ties together sites of prolific interest with excellent driving on scenic roads; 30 nights’ accommodation on double/twin sharing basis; 5 dinner & drinks parties; Airport Transfers in Medan and Bali; Return vehicle transport; All car ferries; 2 rally road books; Rally plates, vinyls & badges; Ipad and accessories for navigation; SPOT tracking device; 1 Indonesian SIM card with data allowance; Paper maps of Indonesia; Professional classic rally mechanics & support vehicles; Space for 2 large suitcases in the luggage transfer vehicle.
  • HOTELS: We stay in only the very best available hotels. Java and Bali have some of the most sumptuous properties on the planet. Sumatra is significantly less developed. Feature hotels include the Amanjiwo on Java and the Viceroy in Bali – a fitting place to finish our adventure.



1. Peter Webber (GB) & Morna Webber (GB)  /  TBC
Himalaya Rally 2007, Tiger Rally 2008, Great Arc of India 2009, Venice Monaco 2017

2. David Harrison (GB) & Julie Harrison (GB)  /  TBC
New Participants!

3. John Noble (GB) & Jean Noble (GB)  /  TBC
Himalaya Rally 2007, Tiger Rally 2008, Great Arc of India 2009, Patagonia 2010, Classic India 2013, Shangri-La 2014, Alpaca 2016, Atlas Rally 2018

4. John Todd (GB) & Elly Todd (GB)  /  TBC
New Participants!

5. Peter Gerstrom (GB) & Carolyn Brigg (GB)  /  TBC
Classic India 2013, Alpaca 2016, Venice Monaco 2017

6. Terry Noakes (GB) & Sue Noakes (GB)  /  TBC
New Participants!

7. Peter Cotes (GB) & Allison Cotes (GB)  /  1967 Lotus Elan
Himalaya Rally 2007, Tiger Rally 2008, Patagonia 2010, Shangri-La 2014, Classic Persia 2016, Atlas Rally 2018

8. Paul Kane (GB) & Mary Kane (GB)  /  TBC
1st Jewel of India 1999, Himalaya Rally 2006, Tiger Rally 2008, Patagonia 2010, Great Arc of India 2011, Classic India 2013, Shangri-La 2014, Alpaca 2016, Venice Monaco 2017

9. Paul Merryweather (GB) & Sandra Merryweather (GB)  /  TBC
Tiger Rally 2008, Great Arc of India 2011, Classic India 2013, Alpaca 2016, Classic Persia 2016, Venice Monaco 2017

10. John McCann (GB) & Frances McCann (GB)  /  TBC
Classic India 2013, Venice Monaco 2017, Atlas Rally 2018

11. Martin Wonfor (GB) & TBC  /  TBC
New Participants!


Mount Bromo


Pristine Beaches

Samosir & Lake Toba

Orangutans, Bukit Lawang

Green Canyon

Feature Hotels

Central Java