Venice to Monaco

Italy, Croatia, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Montenegro, Albania, France
including the islands of Sicily, Sardinia & Corsica / September 2017

Event Photos & Write up

Southern Europe really is hard to beat. Great roads, quaint little villages, gorgeous hotels, food and wine to die for, and of course the sun is always shining. Over the years I have spent a lot of time in Croatia driving down the Dalmatian coast hopping between mainland and islands and across the hills to Bosnia. The scenery is exquisite and driving is a joy. Similarly true for Corsica and Sardinia.

Departing our hotel in Venice, we collect our cars and head south into Croatia, through Cres and Mali Losinj islands and on to the Plitvice lakes. Crossing over into Bosnia & Hercegovina we spend a night in Mostar. The history of this place is riveting, walking over the iconic Stari Most bridge feels profound. Then on to Dubrovnik and Montenegro for our ferry across to southern Italy. The ferry runs overnight with very comfortable private sleeper cabins and will allow you to rest properly.

People rarely visit Calabria, the foot of Italy and for the life of me I can’t see why. It is gorgeous. We spend a couple days in Sicily, drive the Targa Florio street circuit before heading to Palermo for our ferry to Sardinia. Sardinia and especially Corsica completely bowled me over. The pace of life is slow and the little back-roads completely devoid of traffic. Crossing over to Nice it is then a short drive to Monaco and the fabulous Hermitage Hotel.

As always accommodation is only in the best available hotels. Daily driving distances are moderate with plenty time allowed to enjoy a leisurely lunch and see the sights, and roads have been carefully selected to provide you the best driving experience.

I do hope this drive is of interest and see you in Venice if not before!

~ Adrian Epps
Rally Organiser


  • WHEN: 6th-21st September 2017 (15 nights)
  • TRANSPORT: We transport your vehicle from London to Venice and from Monaco back to London. Other pick-up/drop-off locations may be arranged upon request.
  • HOTELS: We select only the best accommodation. Where available this means 4-5 star opulence, with only 3 nights at more basic properties. We always strive to find hotels that have character and stay away from generic business hotels.
  • NAVIGATION: We provide you one of our Garmin GPS devices as standard, pre-loaded with the rally route and waypoints. We now also make it possible for you to navigate using your Ipad or smartphone which makes for an incredibly user-friendly navigation experience. 
  • THE ROUTE: A lot of time has been spent discovering the hidden back-roads of the countries through which we pass so as to provide you the best possible driving experience. Daily driving time varies from 1-8 hours, with an average of 4h00.
  • PARTICIPANTS: This is a classic rally and we will accept pre-1975’s.
  • WE PROVIDE: 15 nights’ accommodation, vehicle transport to/from rally start/finish from/to London, all ferries including private sleeper cabins, 2 rally road books, rally plates, car stickers, GPS unit, SPOT Tracker, support vehicle & rally mechanic, 3 dinner parties.
  • GOING WITH US: You can expect a fantastic journey, well-researched and with excellent attention to detail. You can expect a high level of personal service both in the lead up to and on the event. Our team are passionate, friendly, and available to help you – be it advice on car preparation or resolving on-event issues. Our aim is to provide you the best possible experience with the fewest headaches.


1. Paul Kane (GB) & Mary Kane (GB)  /  1954 Jaguar XK120
1st Jewel of India 1999, Himalaya Rally 2006, Tiger Rally 2008, Patagonia 2010, Great Arc of India 2011, Classic India 2013, Shangri-La 2014, Alpaca 2016, Road to Bali 2018

2. Nowell Stebbing (GB) & Bibbi Stebbing (NO)  /  1968 Mercedes 280SL
Tiger Rally 2008, Great Arc of India 2009, Patagonia 2010, Classic India 2013

3. Geoff Rawlings (GB) & Penny Rawlings (GB)  /  1934 Talbot 95
New Participants!

4. Chris Thom (US) & Nicola Thom (US)  /  1958 Jaguar XK150
Classic India 2013

5. Peter Webber (GB) & Morna Webber (GB)  /  1957 Bentley S1
Himalaya Rally 2007, Tiger Rally 2008, Great Arc of India 2009, Road to Bali 2018

6. Phil Garratt (GB) & Kieron Brown (GB)  /  1970 Jaguar E-Type
Classic Persia 2016

7. Rob Brown (GB) & Carole Brown (GB)  / 1955 Jaguar XK140
New participants!

8. Mark Humphries (GB) & Jacquey Humphries (GB)  /  1957 Porsche 356A
New participants!

9. John McCann (GB) & Frances McCann (GB)  /  1970 Mercedes 280SL Pagoda
Classic India 2013

10. Peter Gerstrom (GB) & Louise Noon (GB)  /  1965 Jaguar E-Type
Classic India 2013, Alpaca 2016, Road to Bali 2018

11. Michael Hurdle (GB) & Barbara Hurdle (GB)  /  1938 Derby Bentley
New participants!

12. Xavier del Marmol (BE) & Ines Bodmer (CH)  /  1965 Porsche 356 Cabriolet
Classic India 2013

13. Steve Murphy (GB) & Julie Murphy (GB)  /  1956 Mercedes 190SL
New participants!

14. Keith Parker (GB) & Jan Parker (GB)  /  1969 Jaguar E-Type
New participants!

15. Terence Bradley (NIR) & Jenny Bradley (NIR)  /  1975 Porsche Carrera Targa
New participants!

16. Christopher Condy (US) & Charlotte Condy (US) /  1976 Porsche 914
New participants!

17. Mark Ennis (GB) & Maureen Ennis (IRL) / 1969 Mercedes 280SL
New participants!

18. A.C. (US) & C.C. (US) /  1972 Jaguar E-Type
New participants!

19. Paul Merryweather (GB) & Sandra Merryweather (GB) / 1967 Mercedes 250SL
Tiger Rally 2008, Great Arc of India 2011, Classic India 2013, Alpaca 2016, Classic Persia 2016, Road to Bali 2018

20. Alastair Caldwell (GB) & Laurel Smith (US)  /  1970 Mercedes 280SL
Himalaya Rally 2006, Tiger Rally 2008, Classic India 2013, Alpaca 2016, Classic Persia 2016

21. Conrad Birch (GB) & Selina Landis (CH) & Denise Farley (GB) / 1967 Alfa Romeo Duetto
Jewel of India 1999, Jewel of India 2001, Himalaya Rally 2006, Himalaya Rally 2007, Tiger Rally 2008, Great Arc of India 2009, Patagonia 2010, Great Arc of India 2011, Great Game 2011, Classic India 2013, Shangri-La 2014, Oman Off-road 2015, Alpaca 2016, Classic Persia 2016, Road to Bali 2018


Targa Florio street Circuit
Northern Sicily

Old Town Dubrovnik

Stari Most Bridge
Mostar – Bosnia & Hercegovina

Taormina & Mt. Etna

Plitvice Lakes
Central Croatia

Sardinia & Corsica

Feature Hotels

Kempinski San Clemente Palace

Petra Sagreta
Olbia, Sardinia

Hotel Hermitage